Discussion Club for Teachers






The Teachers’ club hosted by the ‘Lingua Franca’ English school,  is a venue where ESL educators congregate to share and gain vocational knowledge and experience in schooling methods, techniques, strategies, as well as, extending the overall subject awareness, profound and longitudinal studies of lexis and grammar on a whole new level, and much more. These professional get-togethers with experienced native English teacher will allow all attendees to saunter away with a bigger knowledge sack after each meeting.

Modern life makes real communication possible, though due to different circumstances the possibility to develop your knowledge of English authentically is vague. This club is aimed at English teachers who enjoy  their profession,  have a challenge to leap forward, keep up the pace and achieve more. It goes without saying that modern learners have different tastes, diverse interests and versatile outlooks, a pedagogue must respect and incorporate So carry on developing your skillset and acquiring more pro tools to confidently stand in front of a class and enjoy teaching!