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SamuelColtThe Great Equalizer

God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal. Col. Samuel Colt’s revolver continues to serve as an equalizer. Being bigger, tougher and meaner than the next guy isn’t worth much if the next guy carries a gun.

Bad attitude and big muscles make a poor match for a lead slug.

The reason is simple: Firearms reduce the power difference between the weak and the strong. They make it harder for the strong to prey upon the weak. Being strong doesn’t help much when you’re dead.

Samuel Colt

Rape is a crime that normally involves a stronger person attacking someone weaker. This gives the rapist the upper hand. And is one of the reasons women are often cautioned to act passively when attacked by a rapist.

When compared to the various types of active resistance such as yelling, physical force, fighting back can be even more dangerous than passive behavior. But with resistance that shrinks the strength gap and takes the advantage away from the rapist the dynamics change dramatically. 1956prime2A gun, however, requires very little strength to achieve its effect. It matters little if the man is twice as strong as the woman.  He’s probably not twice as strong as a gun.


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